EPLAN Electric P8

eplan-electric-p8EPLAN Electric P8  is the worldwide software standard for the electrotechnical engineering. Work in EPLAN is accompanied with the use of the Constant economy principle for the time and material expenditures due to the disposal of input of the repeatable data, automatic reception of the reports and maximal flexibility of the design and engineering methods.

In more older versions of the CAD systems user had to choose between graphical or object orientation. Now, the software EPLAN Electric P8 proposes to use them both. Intuitive interface of the system allows Users to control a process with the synchronous support of the graphical and object orientation – you can plan your work as you wish!

EPLAN Electric P8 – is a product based on the use of multifold possibilities of the data base components, which are designed according to the Customer’s requirements.

But to save User’s time EPLAN offers to use the certified data bases of the most well-known producers by connection of EPLAN Data Portal. You can put the devices using the function "Drag&Drop". This saves the time for search for different producers and saves the expensive work time.

As all data for EPLAN Data Portal are provided by the producers and certified by EPLAN, the high quality of these data is checked and guaranteed. These data are actual and checked and are constantly updated:

 Data portal